Al Galang Vicki Belo Lover That Never was Says Hayden Kho

February 21, 2012

Al Galang

Aljarreu Galang in 2008

Vicki Belo has a new lover according to Hayden Kho ranting from his Twitter. And that lover is Yoga instructor,

Al Galang

or Aljarreu Galang of Sundar Bikram Yoga Greenhills. Al Galang is actually hot and cute too! Al Galang was the 2nd runner up in the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit. Such a boytoy indeed if the rumors are true that

Al Galang

is Vicki Belo‘s new boyfriend. Incidentally, Hayden Kho was also a contestant in bikini male model competitions before. Hayden Kho found out about a love letter from Al Galang to Vicki Belo. Hayden Kho tweeted tonight, apparently referring to

Dr. Vicki Belo

et al: “Ok that‘s it! I tried to just turn around and walk away just to silence my accusers. But this is too much already… You accuse me of infidelity and barrage the public with the accusations as if it‘s really true. Proof? C‘mon show me.” Click on the photo below to show the hot images turned into a video of Aljarreu Galang:
Update: Hayden Kho chickened out tonight, apparently after talking to Dr. Vicki Belo. Hayden Kho said he said all those in the height of anger, and now regrets what he said. He also said that indeed that Al Galang love letter is real. But he and Dr. Vicki Belo spoke about it already and he believes her that she DID NOT have an affair with Al Galang. Hayden Kho further said that he already spoke with Al Galang too and that he had apologized to him about that letter and that he has already forgiven Al Galang and that the story ends there. He also reiterated that Dr. Vicki Belo did not cheat on him ever. Hayden Kho also clarified about his alleged affair with Nancy Castiglione saying: “.. about Nancy, it is also not true that we were dating or were having an affair. I hope that clears her name and my name as well. I hope that this ends it all. Vicki did not cheat on me. I did not cheat on Vicki. And Al and Nancy have got nothing to do w/ this.”
Hayden Kho went on to say that he is closing his Twitter account for good. Photos by Ian Felix Alquiros Photography.