Gretchen Fullido and JM de Guzman Subject of Blind Item

March 2, 2015

JM de Guzman with Gretchen Fullido

JM de Guzman and Gretchen Fullido

Gretchen Fullido and JM de Guzman are the subjects of a controversial Blind Item by a popular website. The incident allegedly happened during the thanksgiving party of the Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman hit movie, “That Thing Called Tadhana.”

In the blind item, Gretchen Fullido is being painted as a flirty personality who will go after any man who takes her fancy. The latest of which is when allegedly Gretchen Fullido was enamored of the sexiness of JM de Guzman that she could not take her eyes off him during the event. So much so that when the young actor excused himself and headed for the comfort room, Gretchen Fullido went after the young actor.

A That thing called Tadhana movie aide suspected all along what could happen and secretly followed the flirty personality. And what the movie staffer saw did not shock him at all. He already expected such from the personality.