Gretchen Barretto Lukresia

February 29, 2008

The Gretchen Barretto escapades are still what Philippine showbiz is as close as the Britney Spears saga is in Hollywood . Gretchen Barretto figured in a heated and ugly word war with Nadia Montenegro just recently. Reportedly Gretchen was with rumored boyfriend, Dodie Puno at the incident. A drunk Gretchen Barretto was also seen kissing Ricky Yabut at the Nuvo, an upscale Makati bar last Feb.10. Last year’s biggest Philippine showbiz story was Gretchen kissing John Estrada, photos of the incident leaked all over the net.

Her daughter Dominique describes her as the Paris Hilton of the Philippines and to which Gretchen Barretto proudly agrees. Gretchen Barretto also proudly enthuses that her daughter by partner Tony Boy Cojuangco, Dominique does not know how to speak Tagalog!

Meanwhile, arch-enemy Nadia Montenegro said that Grecthen Barretto is a publicity hound, and would love anything written about her, be it garbage, as long as she hogs the limelight alone!

Unexpectedly, Gretchen Barretto choose to ignore any of it, (although, that is not really the case since she has had interviews about it on several shows) and would only want to promote her album, Unexpected.

Gretchen Barretto Unexpected contains the following cuts:

Fly Me To The Moon
A House Is Not A Home
More Than You’ll Ever Know
Moon River
An Affair To Remember
Please Don’t Ask Me
I Will
An Unexpected Song
All The Things You Are
Love Me For What I Am
Ikaw Lamang

All sang by Gretchen Barretto herself.

Gretchen Barretto Unexpected ASAP Launch