Gretchen Barretto not invited to Tonyboy daughter’s wedding

May 16, 2008

Gretchen Barretto has reacted to what Maurice Arcache has written in his column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer gloating that Gretchen Barretto was not invited to the wedding of the daughter of her partner Tonyboy Cojuangco.

Gretchen Barretto

Gretchen Barretto answered through her K-Text with the following:

â€Ã…“I was told about the PDI Sunday spread regarding the wedding of the daughter of Tony Cojuangco. Maurice Arcache wrote it. It had photos and had to make me the bida of the write up. Sayang that buti naman daw that I had the delikadesa not to attend. I wasn’t invited to the wedding. I would never force myself into it. I have a lot going for me that I don’t need to dwell into some issue we all know about for the past 14 years…

â€Ã…“FYI Maurice Arcache =) May 3 Sat I was in Bacolod, May 4 Sunday I was in Ilo-Ilo. I had my mini-concerts =) I am a busy person. Trying to make a go for myself. Living well and earning my own keep. Maurice Arcache feels the need to use me to make that article stand out…”

â€Ã…“Nakakapagod na rin talaga what I have to go through with the Cojuangcos (sic). I’ve been going through this beating for the past 14 years. Most of the time I just would love to let go. It can’t be a normal life. Maybe it would stop when I let go.”