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June 17, 2008

Once again, the Paris Hilton of the Philippines, Gretchen Barretto is at the center of 2 hot controversies in the Philippine Showbiz scene and it happened all in the same day, June 8, 2008.. Hottest of which is the reported cancellation of Gretchen Barretto‘s credit cards by partner Tonyboy Cojuangco who in Gretchen’s words, “own the bank ( credit card issuing bank).” The alleged incident happened in a restaurant inside Dusit Hotel in Makati City while Gretchen Barretto was having dinner with sister Marjorie Barretto and showbiz friends Ruffa Gutierrez, Pops Fernandez and a certain Offie. When it came to the time for paying their dinner bill of approximately 4,300 pesos, Gretchen as usual generously picked up the tab, but the credit card she gave was denied twice, prompting her to remark to the poor waiter, “That cannot be, we own the bank. Tawagan mo ang bangko.” The waiter told her it was a Sunday and there are no office employees to attend in such cases. Gretchen then told the waiter to again swipe the card, and was denied yet again.

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This prompted her companions to offer to pay, initially, Gretchen refused but was left with no choice and Ruffa Gutierrez ultimately paid the 4,300 pesos tab. Oh and don’t expect Pops Fernandez to pick up the tab, lol..just ask Philippine Showbiz insiders, hahaha..All these while within the earshot of some nosy customers thus this story. Someone in the group said, “Baka pinutol ni Tonyboy (Cojuangco) yung card mo?”. To which Ruffa Gutierrez reportedly even remarked, “Sa akin nangyari din yan, e, nung kay Yilmaz (Bektas, Ruffa’s estranged husband). Pag-uwi ko ng Pilipinas, di na gumagana yung credit cards ko.”

Reportedly, Gretchen Barretto was visibly irked and embarrassed because she invited the ladies to dinner. She was then seen furiously texting away at her cellphone. Partner Tonyboy Cojuangco arrived shortly thereafter and Gretchen could not hardly contain herself that even while at the Hotel’s lobby, Gretchen went off at Tonyboy. She was seen shouting and at one point dragged Tonyboy to the Ladies Room and the shouting match can even be heard outside the CR. Shortly thereafter, Gretchen was seen going out the ladies room crying.

Gretchen then went back to the dinner table alone and recounted to the group what happened. Gretchen said that Tonyboy got mad because Ruffa compared him to Yilmaz, and how Yilmaz cut off her credit card account access. Tonyboy, Gretchen said, was irked at the allusion, and said, “I am not Yilmaz!.” To which Ruffa, Pops and Offie did not take well because to them, they should not have been dragged into the partner’s spat. Gretchen reportedly even asked the waiter to get the money Ruffa has paid for because she will pay it herself by now, after meeting Tonyboy. The waiter declined, saying they cannot reverse the transaction , it having been recorded already in the cash register machine. (Kasama sa eksena talaga ang waiter, in fairness, lol..)..end of the Dusit Hotel incident..(expect not to hear the end of it though, there’s The Buzz on Sunday)…

That’s not all..Gretchen and sister Marjorie Barretto then went after that Dusit dinner, to the wake of Rudy Fernandez, where again, controversy hounded Gretchen. Allegedly, Gretchen winked several times to Sen. Bong Revilla, whom she had a romantic liaison in the 90’s. Bong Revilla reportedly became discomfited and Bong’s wife, actress Lani Mercado was seen going to Bong Revilla’s side, probably alarmed at what Gretchen was doing. Marjorie Barretto allegedly asked Gretchen to stop what she was doing, which Gretchen was heard replying that she was just trying out if her charms will still work especially since she just had botox treatment.

Oh well, all in a day’s work for the controversial Gretchen Barretto.