Gretchen Barretto disowns her Mother and Father Anew

May 12, 2014

Gretchen Barretto Hermes Birkin

Gretchen Barretto Hermes Birkin Bag

Gretchen Barretto reacted to the TV interviews of Claudine Barretto yesterday where she was called a liar and heartless by Claudine. Claudine also questioned Gretchen‘s state of happiness. Claudine in part, said:

Gretchen knows this. She’s heartless. She has no heart. What do you expect? If you cannot respect your parents and make stories about your parents? I’m not going to allow her to destroy my parents’ name anymore. Stop using our name.

And also, isa pang pakiusap ko kay Gretchen, any question about me, stop answering. I don’t want to be affiliated with you because you are a shame to this family. I want you to stay away from me and my children. I want to know, at the end of the day Gretchen, ano ba ang goal mo? Up to where? When are you going to stop? You say you’re happy? I don’t see that. With your face all botoxed and all, I don’t see that.

Gretchen Barretto questioned Claudine’s integrity in light of her mental illness and drug abuse. In a statement, Gretchen Barretto denied Claudine’s claim that she called her names and insulted her children, Santino and Sabina, in the presence of Raymart Santiago. Gretchen said:

“How do I debate with one who is clearly hallucinating and is under the influence of drugs and is suffering from severe mental illness? I am not one who would utter words such as ‘baboy,’ ‘lechon,’ ‘laos’ at ‘magpakamatay ka na.’ I never spoke ill or cursed Sabina nor Santino.”

Then, Gretchen Barretto went on to slam and disown her mother and father, calling them in the third person:

“I have yet to hear Claudine and her mother and father speak the truth for once,” Gretchen, who is currently in Thailand, said in her statement. “Their current situation and lost relationships should speak volumes of the kind of character and attitude they posses.”

“To the public, it shames me to say that Mrs. Inday Barretto is the kind of mother that I don’t wish anyone would have. She has been our greatest pain and nightmare. She has taught us to stay away from her as far as possible in order to be safe and sane. May kasabihan, ‘Ang kapatid ng magnanakaw ay sinungaling.'”