Gretchen Barretto Controversial Text Message

March 12, 2015

Gretchen Barretto, somewhat paranoid, posted on her official IG page a text message that was supposedly to be sent to her circle of friends except her. Unfortunately, the sms was accidentally sent to her too and she was able to read it and she replied to stop the negativity.

Gretchen Barretto SMS

Gretchen Barretto text message

Gretchen Barretto narrated what happened:

This message was sent to me by this cell number it’s amazing how some can’t seem to find peace & contentment in their hearts , Envy is consuming them .I will say a prayer for you this sender knows me personally to know my cell phone number… This message was obviously supposed to be for our group mate but mistakenly sent to me we had this cell number checked & the cellphone is in the general area ( 100 meter radius) of Mc.Donald’s, Wilson st. Greenhills , San Juan , mm ( we now know exactly who the sender is ) From our circle of friends we only have 1 So Called friend who lives in Greenhills , within the 100 meter radius from the trace, the other so called friend lives in mandaluyong but according to the trace its the first one that is close , both so called friends were our only 2 suspects but we have a confirmation.

The topic of the text message is about Gretchen Barretto being sent flowers and a statue of the Our Lady of Manaoag by socialite Alice Eduardo on her birthday.

Alice Eduardo gift to Gretchen Barretto

Alice Eduardo gifts to Gretchen Barretto

Alice Eduardo is the owner of the Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation, a firm linked to Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and is handling all the big projects inside the Cagayan Export Processing Zone. Alice Eduardo and Small Laude are sisters. Gretchen Barretto indirectly confirmed that it is Small Laude who sent the text message.

Gretchen Barretto Small Laude

Gretchen Barretto on Small Laude

Gretchen Barretto fans on IG react to the indirect confirmation:
Gretchen Barretto fans Small Laude

Gretchen Barretto fans on Small Laude

A quick check and indeed Small Laude and other friends of Gretchen Barretto attended Julia Barretto’s debut party.
Marjorie Barretto with Small Laude

Marjorie Barretto with Small Laude and friends

Gretchen Barretto responded to the commenter who said that Gretchen’s friends have now taken the side of Marjorie:
Gretchen Barretto Reacts to Commenter

Gretchen Barretto Responds to Commenter

Gretchen Barretto categorically denied it was Marjorie who sent the text message:
Gretchen Barretto Marjorie

Gretchen Barretto denied it was Marjorie

The other suspect is Ruffa Gutierrez.

Gretchen Barretto flew to London days ago to visit her daughter Dominique.