Gretchen Barretto and Dody Puno Photos

March 12, 2008

These photos of Gretchen Barretto and allegedly Dody Puno or is it Dodie Puno, have been around but i noticed just now that i was not able to post it here just like the Gretchen Barretto and John Estrada kiss scandal photos. Well, i am not going to be left out now on anything Greta, as in Gretchen Barretto. Ika nga ni Gretchen Barretto herself, “I am fascinated by Gretchen Barretto.”

So here are some of the Gretchen Barretto and Dodie Puno photos, for those who have not seen it yet. Enjoy! And if you like Gretchen you can buy her album, Unexpected by Gretchen Barretto.Gretchen BarrettoGretchen BarrettoGretchen BarrettoGretchen Barretto and Dodie Puno