Grace Lee Caught With Another Guy

May 12, 2012
Grace Lee boyfriend

Grace Lee and Sherwin Heng?

Grace Lee photos with another guy began circulating on Philippine tabloids as news came out that Grace Lee and PNoy are not together anymore. The cause of their breakup is that the President learned that Grace Lee was also dating another guy. And that another guy is allegedly Sherwin Heng, an ex-boyfriend of Grace Lee and to add insult to injury is reportedly a Chinese businessman alluding to the recent territorial standoff between the Philippines and China. There are conflicting reports though that Sherwin Heng is not a former boyfriend of Grace Lee but is just like PNoy, Sherwin Heng is just another guy that Grace Lee dates. PNoy is reportedly brokenhearted. President Benigno Aquino reportedly spent his third Tuesday alone in his office and looking very sad. Grace Lee was evasive when asked if she and PNoy are still together only saying: “I think you should ask him, not me.” Hmm…