Gerald Anderson Message to Kim Chiu

August 15, 2014
Gerald Anderson hunk

Gerald Anderson

Is this Gerald Anderson‘s message to Kim Chiu? Gerald Anderson posted a forlorn photo of him with this caption: “Never Force anything in life.. Be patient, Be understanding.. Let time work things out..”

Earlier today, when asked if she is willing to do a movie with former loveteam Gerald Anderson and his present girlfriend Maja Salvador, Kim Chiu said she does not want to do a project with former boyfriend Gerald Anderson and his current girlfriend Maja Salvador, for now.

Kim Chiu gown

Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu is not closing doors on the right project for them though. Despite all that, the “Ikaw Lamang” star clarified that everything are okay between her, Gerald Anderson and her former bestfriend Maja Salvador.

Gerald Anderson hot

Gerald Anderson