Genelyn Magsaysay Criticized a Politician on Facebook Days Before the Murder

November 5, 2011

Genelyn Magsaysay is the mother of slain actor Ram Revilla and suspects RJ Bautista and Ramona Bautista. Genelyn Magsaysay’s Facebook status revealed that there is animosity between her and a politician even before the Ram Revilla murder, contrary to what was said. Although, Genelyn Magsaysay did not name names in her Facebook status update, it is obvious whom she is referring to. Here is what Ms. Magsaysay wrote on October 21, 2011 at 8:18 PM:

Genelyn Magsaysay

Genelyn Magsaysay Facebook status

I need to work ASAP so i can have my own ,i dont like to hear them saying im a parasite.before i met him im working already,now they are telling me im a parasite when the allowance that you are giving is not enough for monthly consumption.God is my witness,election is coming again then you will publisized that you love all your siblings ,God knows what to do ,You want to be the president of the Phillipines ,it’s up to the are rich now but like lazarus whos getting the crumbs under the table of the rich man is contented already but when they both died ,lazarus is with abraham, the rich man is in the hades the place of discipline,goodluck!!!

Then, minutes later, at 8:49 PM, Genelyn Magsaysay posted again the following:

if you really love your siblings you wont let your dad do something silly to his younger 9 children,telling him what we have is not enough ,but you are passive, you just let him say bad words to us.pure heart is not just doing good ,just as that but having love in your heart.Ready to cover the little mistakes of others,yes thats love ,loving unconditionally in spirit…

Then on Oct. 24, at 8:33 AM, Ms. Magsaysay, posted:

awake all night , cant sleep , im bothered , Lord Jesus help me , i need you !

On Oct. 28, at 9 PM, several hours before the murder, Ms. Magsaysay wrote:

I loved you sister ,i always try to fathom or understand what you were telling me,pure or not , i was offended,in our church ,we dont easily give advices, we just pray. I trusted you,we had secrets i never exposed because its between us . I always give you privacy coz i respect you.Im so deeply hurt especially knowing you wouldnt explain what is the Word in reality to your siblings .I was deeply hurt.You have so much ,i have little,but just like lazaruz,ill gain victory in coming kingdom.