Freddie Aguilar 16 Years Old Girlfriend

October 18, 2013
Freddie GF

Freddie Aguilar GF

Photos of Freddie Aguilar with his 16-year-old girlfriend Jovy Gatdula or Jovi Gatdula went viral on social networking sites. Three photos surfaced, two of the photos show the 60-year-old singer and a young lady kissing. Freddie Aguilar introduced the 16-year-old girl to the press during the 5th PMPC Star Awards for Music at the Solaire Resort and Casino Hotel last Tuesday.

Freddie Aguilar claimed that he did not know that his girlfriend was a minor when he first met her but when he found out, he already fell for her. He added that he got her parents blessings and is willing to marry her when she is of legal age. He also said that they have discussed the prospect of having a baby.

To this end, talk of Freddie Aguilar facing legal prosecution persisted. University of the Philippines College of Law Dean Danilo Concepcion said in his DZMM news program Usapang de Campanilla that the case does not fall under statutory rape as she is over 11 years old, but can be booked for seduction if the girl was a virgin.

If a minor is over the age of 12 but under 18, a case can be filed for seduction if the girl was a virgin. Thing is, he can only be charged for such if she or any of her immediate family members will file such. As the case is, she and her parents consented to such. The only possibility is a case of Child abuse, which can be filed by DSWD, on a contentious grounds of “sexual violence” by prostitution of women or children.

Freddie Aguilar is brother to the equally controversial Marlene Aguilar. Photo credits: to their respective owners.