Father of Denisse Oca Child is not Phil Younghusband but another Azkals

January 31, 2014

Denisse Oca 6 months pregnant

Denisse Oca Pregnant

Phil Younghusband denied rumors that he got Denisse Oca pregnant, the reason allegedly of his breakup with Angel Locsin. And of which Angel locsin rebelliously plan to wed Luis Manzano. Denise Oca is the daughter of veteran actress Melissa Mendez. Denisse Oca is six months pregnant out of wedlock. She and Phil Younghusband broke up in 2011. Denisse Oca got romantically linked to John Lloyd Cruz too last year. Another controversy involving a name that sounds like Deniece Cornejo!

Phil posted: “Dear everyone, to put an end to the doubts & rumors, I’m not the father of the baby of Denisse nor was it the reason Angel & I broke up. Angel & I ended on good terms. Can I ask we stop bothering Denisse, Angel & myself about this issue. Lets respect all parties and let everyone be happy & concentrate on their lives with their families & careers,” his post read. “…And If we are not making peoples lives better, we are wasting our time. I hope you can all understand. Thanks!”

Turns out it is another Azkals player who got Denise Oca pregnant if the rumors are true. Read this from: angeliqueroseey: (Disclaimer: this is just a re-print for the sake of freedom of the press and of expression and in no way that this rumor is factual or should be taken as a fact)

Mark Hartmann hot

Mark Hartmann

“Denisse oca is a sl*t and btw @philipyounghusband is not the real father another azkals namely @markyhartmann is the father but he did not accept the responsibility. Denisse and mark had a one night stand June 2013 and then denisse got pregnant but they never had a relationship. Malandi Lang tlga si denisse oca like her mom Melissa mendez who has 3 children from different boys. All of my stories are true and not rumors and I can attest to that so back off @jessiee2000”

Melissa Mendez earlier sent a message to Angel Locsin via Instagram, asking for her help to clarify rumors that Phil Younghusband impregnated Denise Oca. She said: “… have a heart to aide my daughter coz she’s pregnant fighting her own battles and now she’s being bashed by your fans being the reason why you and Phil broke up and you know the truth. It is “bad for the baby,” “pls tell your fans to be considerate and realize the plight if my daughter.”

Angel Locsin replied saying she too, has no control over online bashers that also say nasty things to her. After assuring her she would try to help, Angel Locsin advised Melissa Mendez: “Tita, mas mabuti po sana kung nagusap tayo ng private para hindi na makadagdag pa ng gulo sa inyo at sa totoo lang po, iniiwasan ko talagang pagusapan ang break up…” and advised Denise Oca to stay away from social media: “Iwas na lang po sana sa social media para hindi sya masyadong ma-stress.” Photo credits: IG.