Fashion Designer Francis Libiran New Boyfriend

January 4, 2015

Francis Libiran and boyfriend

Francis Libiran and Christian Mark Jacobs

Fashion Designer Francis Libiran has a new boyfriend in Christian Mark Jacobs. Before this, rumors were ripe that he was with G-Force Stallions dancer Jan Stephen Noval. Nasty gossip said that allegedly Francis Libiran broke up with the dancer several days before Christmas last year and he had him kicked out of his house unceremoniously since. The rumors even went further to say that Francis Libiran planned to spend the Holidays in Boracay with Jan Stephen Noval but it got cancelled because of the breakup. Francis Libiran went ahead with the trip with the new BF, an American executive based in Singapore. Jan Stephen Noval was once rumored to be with Vice Ganda.
Jan Stephen Noval and Francis Libiran

Jan Stephen Noval with Francis Libiran

Christian Mark Jacobs, after posting a photo of him and the designer in his Instagram page, had this to say about Francis Libiran during the New Year celebrations:

“Many Filipinos believe that on New Years you should be with those you love because if u start off the year together then they say you’ll be together all year long. Glad I pushed back my flight to countdown the New Year with my favorite guy @francislibiran8”

Francis Libiran and bf Christian Mark Jacobs

Francis Libiran and bf Christian Mark Jacobs