Erwann Heussaff Slams Fashion Pulis

May 14, 2014

Erwann Heussaff

Erwann Heussaff hot

Erwann Heussaff slammed for breaking a story about his alleged breakup with long-time girlfriend Anne Curtis. In reaction to the story, and in the process denying that he and Anne Curtis brokeup, Erwann Heussaff said: “Thanks for the concern, but let’s remember that FP isn’t BBC, there are more veracious sources of information out there. We are fine :)”

Erwann Heussaff also explained that he is not in showbiz, although his girlfriend is a famous star, ergo, he wants his lovelife out of the public eye. Erwan, a brother also of actress Solenn Heussaff, said: “Also, im not in showbiz, so my relationship is mine to keep precious and not yours to devour. If i dont’t post about it, thats my perogative (sic).”

Anne Curtis retweeted those tweets of Erwan Heussaff.