Erap Says Sorry to Kris Aquino

February 7, 2015

Cory Aquino with Erap Estrada

Cory Aquino and Erap Estrada

Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada said sorry five times to Kris Aquino. That is what Kris Aquino lengthily posted in her official Instagram page now called “withlovekrisaquino” from “beingkrisaquino.” Kris Aquino posted a photo of her mother Cory Aquino and Joseph “Erap” Estrada and she captioned it: “I had just finished praying when I got a text from @paulcabral asking if I was still awake. This was followed by a text from mayor @lenalonte asking if it was okay to give my # to president mayor Erap who was in BiƱan earlier tonight.

He called me at 11:08 PM. Pag hello ko pa lang, nag sorry sya agad, “sorry Kris sa pinagsasabi ng anak ko, ngayon ko lang nalaman, nahihiya ako sa yo, sa pamilya nyo” dinagdag nya na naging mabuti at ma respeto kaming mga magkakapatid sa kanya. 5X nyang inulit yung salitang SORRY, sorry talaga.

I said: president mayor, wala ho kayo dapat ihingi ng tawad sa kin. Okay na okay po tayo… Napakalaking bagay po ng effort nyong tawagan ako. Hindi po kinailangan pero MARAMING SALAMAT PO.

Naging totoong magkaibigan sila ng Mom ko & I know part of the reason he called me tonight was because of that bond they shared. In the year & a half our Mom battled cancer, president mayor Erap thoughtfully sent food & fruits consistently. I’ve never forgotten his kindness.

Before I sleep, i learned so much again tonight from this season of my life, about respect, about humility, about reaching out, and about personal effort. Thank You God for continuing to strengthen me, teaching me, and molding me.”

The post is apparently a reaction from an Instagram post of Erap’s daughter, Jerika Ejercito, who said that Kris Aquino is a bully who ‘can’t handle the truth. Jerika Ejercito said referring to Kris Aquino: “Don’t dish it out if you can’t handle it. Sheesh…every night she bullies her guests on a&a and every morning does it all over again on her show cleverly named kristv her poor guests publicly humiliated…she feels entitled to be BRUTALLY HONEST day in, day out…but obviously cannot handle the truth herself.”

Just tonight though, another of Erap’s children, Jake Ejercito, younger brother of Jerika, admonished Pnoy to not mention his parents once again (in speeches).

Meanwhile, Kris Aquino reached out to Judy Ann Santos and she published the text messages that transpired between them.

Kris Aquino and Judy Ann Santos text message

Kris Aquino and Judy Ann Santos text message exchange