Ed Westwick AKA Chuck Bass in Manila for Penshoppe

May 28, 2011

Ed Westwick

Joyce Ramirez and Ed Westwick

Update: Here are the Ed Westwick Penshoppe Photos.

This just in. Ed Westwick a.k.a. Chuck Bass is the newest endorser of Penshoppe. And in line with this, Ed Westwick is to visit Manila, Philippines for a launch party for the Filipino clothing brand, Penshoppe. How ironic though because as we all know, Penshoppe is the ‘masa’ RTW brand while Ed Westwick, playing Chuck Bass, on Gossip Girl, is a spoiled brat impeccably dressed in high fashion all the time on the show. Ed Westwick arrived in Manila today for the Penshoppe photoshoot and Penshoppe is promising a decadent party with a hint of the venue at an ‘Empire’ hotel. Justin Bieber stayed in Edsa Shangrila and called it an ‘Empire’ hotel. You know you want him. XOXO.

Ed Westwick