Eat Bulaga in Dubai

May 22, 2008

Eat Bulaga held another show in Dubai last week after their successful Dubai show last year. The 6,000-seater Dubai Tennis Stadium was filled to the rafters as Pinoys gathered to watch hosts Tito, Vic and Joey, and co-hosts Pia Guanio, Pauleen Luna, Allan K, Julia Clarete, Francis Magalona, and the wacky duo, Jose and Wally provided several hours of fun and entertainment. Eat Bulaga in Dubai airs this Saturday, May 24, on GMA.

Talentadings, composed of stand-up comics/sing-along masters Joel, Al & Kim of Allan’s Zirkoh and Klownz comedy bars, served as front act to the Eat Bulaga show that gave delight to the audience. See video below of Talentadings in Eat Bulaga Dubai.


Pia, Pauleen and Julia with the EB Babes opened up “Eat Bulaga in Dubai” with a take on the popular OPM song, “Taralets,” followed by Allan, Jose and Wally’s version of Sean Kingston’s signature hit, “Beautiful Girls.”

Master Rapper Francis M. did a solo rap number amidst a shrieking jampacked stadium that went even wilder as soon as main stars Tito, Vic & Joey appeared on stage to sing and dance to the infectious “Kagat Labi” tune. By then, everyone was on their toes, swaying and dancing to Joey’s upbeat original composition.

But the “Eat Bulaga” gang fittingly capped the three-hour extravaganza with a rendition of The Dawn” “Salamat” and TVJ alternately commending our overseas workers” tireless efforts at seeking better lives for their families in the Philippines.