Drunk Kris Aquino says Road instead of Rode

April 29, 2015

Kris Aquino drunk

Kris Aquino

A drunk Kris Aquino committed a grammatical error when she posted on her official Instagram page why she will not be able to make it to her nightly (weekdays) showbiz talk show, Aquino & Abunda Tonight. It was actually a surprise why Kris Aquino, confessing she is drunk, managed to even post in Instagram.

The said Kris Aquino post says:

We had delicious food in IL PONTICELLO in Salcedo, but nagka miscommunication in Bugsy’s, @chinitaprincess & I requested to try all their cocktails & artisanal drinks but w/ no alcohol because I still have @aatofficial tonight. Unfortunately yung ibang drinks may hard liquor & now headed home because I feel like I road a roller coaster, jet ski, speedboat, Viking and name the nakakahilo thrill ride. Buti na lang super bonded talaga kami ni Kimmy kaya giggle na lang kami sa inadvertent lasingan na naganap. Headed home to shower & sleep this off, in my 44 years I’ve never had a hangover, I think this will be the 1st.