Derek Ramsay and the Executive

January 9, 2014

Derek Ramsay

Derek Ramsay sexy

Derek Ramsay and the hindi mamatay-matay na issue about a believed to be gay top executive that must not be named blind-item is going the rounds again, proof that no matter how much they put down Derek Ramsay and calls him a has-been now, he is still being talked about. Derek Ramsay appears sexy in the Belo Medical Group‘s 2014 Calendar, promoting Belo’s Sculptor Plus. This latest technology uses radio frequency and electrical impulses that effectively melt fat, tighten skin and firm the muscle. It helps improve facial and body contour as well as the look of stretch marks.

Derek Ramsay also has a visually appealing TVC for Dunkin’ Donuts currently airing almost every commercial break on local TV.

Derek Ramsay Belo

Derek Ramsay Belo 2014 Calendar