Dennis Trillo, Carlene Aguilar and Cristine Reyes In Messy Love Triangle

November 11, 2007

Dennis Trillo and Cristine Reyes have been going steady since they got to work together in Super Twins. Former Miss World alumnae, Carlene Aguilar is the mother of Dennis’ love child. Carlene Aguilar confronted Cristine who was a guest at the taping of All Star K at Broadway Centrum last Wednesday. Jenny Miller, is another guest, who is said to be Carlene’s friend. Jenny mentioned that Cristine would be there and Carlene said she’d visit the studio to give her a present that she brought over from the States.

In the dressing room, Carlene approached Cristine and declared: “Carlene and I know you’re Cristine.” When they shook hands, Carlene gripped Cristine’s hand very tightly as if trying to hurt her. And Startalk is confirming that indeed Carlene whispered to Cristine that she, “Cristine Reyes is a slut and a homewrecker.”

Cristine Reyes meanwhile confided to a friend that when she saw Dennis admitting on TV that he is indeed the father of Carlene’s son, that she immediately broke up with him but he implored her to give him another chance.

Dennis kept on saying he and Carlene have broken up even before she went to the U.S. to deliver their baby. But how come Carlene acted like a scorned wife? Have they really split up or it’s just a press release from Dennis?

Does his camp think that Dennis having sired Carlene’s baby might hurt his career. Dennis’ camp meanwhile is floating a scenario that says Dennis has long wanted to call it quits with Carlene but it’s her who doesn’t want to let him go.