Dani Barretto Slams Aunt Claudine Barretto

May 12, 2014
Dani Barretto Padilla

Dani Barretto

Dani Barretto slams Aunt Claudine Barretto on her official Twitter account. Dani Barretto is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto with Kier Legaspi and not her husband Dennis Padilla. She is a rising fashion blogger over at Style Is Eternal. Dani Barretto refuted what Claudine Barretto said in her TV interviews on Buzz ng Bayan and Startalk yesterday.

Claudine Barretto said: “I always made life easy for my sister, for Marjorie. But she killed me the day na tinanggal niya yung karapatan ko to see my nieces na pinalaki ko. Nakalimutan niya ako, ‘yung ako talaga.”

Dani Barretto posted, apparently in reply to that: “My mom always provided for our needs. SHE WAS THE ONE WHO RAISED US. Nobody else.”

In another post she also accused Claudine of lying: “God knows the truth. You can lie to the world, but you can never lie to him.” “Bato bato sa langit, pag tamaan wag magalit.”

For her part, Marjorie Barretto also refuted point by point what Claudine Barretto narrated in Buzz Ng Bayan. Gretchen Barretto meanwhile called Claudine’s musings as “hallucinations.”