Dani Barretto More Hurt than Offended with Horse Face Tag

June 2, 2014

Dani Barretto boyfriend

Dani Barretto and boyfriend

Dani Barretto said she is more hurt than offended with the seeming “Horse Face” tweets thrown her way. Referring to the controversial tweet of Atty. Topacio, Dani Barretto said she is more hurt than offended with the horse face tag. In an exclusive interview with “The Buzz” aired on ABS-CBN, June 1, Dani Barretto finally broke her silence to answer the controversies surrounding her, her aunt Claudine Barretto, her mother Marjorie Barretto and her father Kier Legaspi. Daniella Barretto, better known as Dani Barretto, denied her tweets were meant for, (her own words) Claudine, no aunt or tita, just Claudine.
Dani Barretto viral  photo

Dani Barretto harsh horse face viral photo

Dani Barretto clarified that after Claudine Barretto’s exclusive interview on The Buzz, her haters were relentless in bashing her and her mom that she tweeted those in defense of her mom. Dani said: “Haters were non-stop, below the belt ‘yung mga sinasabi like wala kang modo, mukha kang kabayo, pangit ka. So nag-tweet ako.” (Haters were non-stop, below the belt, saying things like I am rude and have no manners, horse face, ugly, so I tweeted those). “She (Claudine) thought that it was for her. I wasn’t attacking her. That’s two different things, attacking somebody and defending somebody. I was just defending my mom.”

Dani Barretto revealed that the reason she is speaking out now is to defend herself because she was already pre-judged by the public.

“She said na wala na daw siyang pakialam sa akin kasi bastos daw ako and wala akong utang na loob. Pinahiya niya ako. Sira na ako agad sa mata ng tao. Hindi pa nila ako nakikilala, she already made people believe na wala akong utang na loob and bastos ako… mas nasasaktan ako than nagagalit ako sa kanya.” (She (Claudine) said she doesn’t care about me because I am rude and an ingrate. My image has been tarnished even before the public can get to know me. She already made people believe that I am an ingrate and is rude. I am more hurt than mad at her).

Asked by host Boy Abunda in what word she can describe herself, she said she is “strong.”