Cute Guy in Jessica Sanchez Smart Communications Music Video

October 20, 2012

I wonder who this really cute guy in the Jessica Sanchez Smart Communications Jump In music video is? He kinda looks like Slater Young and Coco Martin in some angles.

Cute Guy

Cute Guy!

His kagat-labi (lip-bite) shown here is so sexy.
kagat labi

Kagat Labi

uhmm…those lips..:)
cute boy lips

Cute Boy

BTW. Jessica Sanchez and Black Eyed Peas’ stars in the new Smart Communications music video entitled “Jump In.” It is directed by Canadian music video director Marc AndrĂ© Debruyne. Jessica Sanchez, who is 17, is in her usual pa-sexy outfits. Jessica Sanchez has been most in demand to popular big product brands in the Philippines including fastfood giant Jollibee and leading clothing brand Bench. Smart Communications is the largest mobile phone network in the Philippines. Jessica Sanchez and Black Eyed Peas rapper are of Filipino roots.