Cristine Reyes Prematurely Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

February 12, 2015

Cristine Reyes and husband Ali Khatibi

Cristine Reyes and partner Ali Khatibi

Cristine Reyes prematurely gives birth to a baby girl or did she? Cristine Reyes gave birth last Sunday, February 8, reportedly seven months into her pregnancy. The baby girl is reportedly now in an incubator. Three days later after giving birth, or on February 11, Cristine Reyes posted on her IG, without mentioning that she gave birth, a photo of her having a dinner date with her partner and father of the baby girl, Ali Khatibi. Kibitzers quipped: “Ang bilis ng recovery.. Parang walang nangyari.”

Many are blaming Cristine Reyes’ premature birth to her engaging in martial arts well into her pregnancy, such she cataloged in her IG account.

Meanwhile, GMA’s offcial Startalk IG congratulated Cristine Reyes for giving birth but unwittingly posted her face prior to alleged surgical cosmetic enhancement.

Cristine Reyes original nose

Cristine Reyes before