Cristine Reyes Pregnant

August 31, 2014

Cristine Reyes and boyfriend

Cristine Reyes and boyfriend Ali Khatibi

Cristine Reyes pregnancy rumors abound after she was, according to tabloid reports, seen with what seems to be a ‘baby bump’. Cristine Reyes was allegedly spotted with a prominent stomach bulge on Friday (August 29, 2014), during a dinner in a restaurant with friends. In that dinner, Cristine Reyes was allegedly seen making a toast twice and in those instances, she only drank water instead of wine. It is “highly unusual” to make a toast with anything but a glass of wine, especially with the playful image of Cristine Reyes. Of course, this assumption is premised on the idea that thoughtful and responsible pregnant women are not supposed to drink alcohol.

According to even more wild rumor mill, a source close to either couple confirmed that Cristine Reyes is really expecting a child and the father is her hushed yet long-time boyfriend now, mixed martial arts fighter and part-time actor Ali Khatibi. This blog broke the story first before on their relationship. Let’s wait and see if this blog will be one of the few who also broke this latest news on Cristine Reyes. She and Ali Khatibi were spotted working out/posing for the camera on Elorde Gym in The Fort, four days ago though. One of her most recent IG quote post is this:

Cristine Reyes quote

Cristine Reyes posted quote

This much is true in this “pregnancy” story, Cristine Reyes, last May 2014, revealed that her half-sister Ara Mina was two months pregnant after suffering two miscarriages.