Cristine Reyes and Ara Mina Reunited

April 1, 2013
Ara and Cristine

Ara and sister Cristine

Cristine Reyes and sister Ara Mina have been reunited last Good Friday. It can be remembered that Ara Mina sued her sister Cristine. In her hurry to meet up with Ara back to Manila, Cristine who was in Baguio for the Lenten break, was stopped in the highway for speeding. In her IG post, Cristine posted the reason why she got a speeding ticket:

I don’t care if i broke the rules.. I willingly surrendered my license without even negotiating with the traffic enforcer. I don’t care if I had to risk my life by over speeding just to get to my destination as fast as I could. I’ve been praying for this moment to come.. It’s true.. Don’t lose hope.. Don’t give up.. We can experience a lot of extraordinary things in a day and I’m very happy that it happened to me. #TYL #ThankyouFather #HappyEaster #Happiness #happygirl #happy #love #excited #amnesty #amourpropre

For her part, Ara Mina confirmed their reunion, in a reply from her writer-friend who said she is happy that she and Cristine have patched things up:

@___ hahahaha! Yup yup. Happy rin kami.