Cosmo Bash 2014 Hunks Highlights

September 25, 2014

Cosmo Bash 2014 hunks

Cosmo Bash 2014 celebrity hunks

Here are some highlights of the much-talked about Cosmo Bash held last night, September 24 at the World Trade Center. This is an annual event by Cosmopolitan Philippines and this year’s Cosmo Bash is dubbed as Cosmo Tower 69, with the boys “working” in the same sexy office environment. CEO is Paulo Avelino who promised to be more daring. Did he deliver? Watch what he did during the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2014 below:


Other notable celebrity hunks were:

Joseph Marco

Daniel Matsunaga
Geoff Eigenmann

Benjamin Alves

Pancho Magno

G-Force Stallions

and of course, the infamous fall of James Reid, among others.