Coleen Garcia’s Memorable Birthday Gift to Billy Crawford

May 16, 2014

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia lovey dovey

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

What could be Coleen Garcia‘s memorable birthday gift to boyfriend Billy Crawford? Wait, not just memorable but in the words of Billy Crawford, it is “more memorable than others!” (meaning it is more memorable than his past birthday celebrations). Billy Crawford also added: “Wow, I got to figure out how to do it to you!!! Dam*it”

These remarks made most chuckle and ask what Billy Crawford is referring to. Some insinuated something green into it. LOL. For her part, Coleen Garcia also posted a photo of them together with the following caption: “Happy birthday to the crazy man who turns every single day into a beautiful adventure. Thank you for all the smiles! They’re always bigger when you’re around. :)”

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford love

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford

It’s Showtime host Billy Crawford turns 32 years old today, May 16. Coleen Garcia also a It’s Showtime co-host is 21 years old.