Coleen Garcia vs KC Concepcion Short Shorts

October 15, 2013
Coleen Garcia sexy

Coleen Garcia pekp*k shorts

KC Concepcion shorts

KC Concepcion pekp*k shorts

Coleen Garcia versus KC Concepcion battle of ‘Slutty Outfits.’ KC Concepcion got a lot of flak for wearing pekp*k shorts and hanging shirt to her group dinner date with NBA star Chandler Parsons. Along comes Coleen Garcia wearing pekp*k shorts to the Vans event in Dugout Sportsbar in Bacolod City.

BTW, ‘some’ have associated the photos of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia in Dugout Sportsbar as a confirmation of their being now a couple. Nothing revealing though with the photos since Billy and Coleen works together on Showtime and they were with Vice Ganda, Teddy Corpuz, and some other It’s Showtime people.