Claudine Barretto Visit Rico Yan’s Grave

March 14, 2014

Claudine Barretto, Geraldine, Tricia

Claudine, Geraldine, Tricia

Claudine Barretto visited his late ex-boyfriend Rico Yan‘s grave on his supposed 39th birthday today, March 14. Contrary to rumors that Claudine Barretto is persona non grata with the Yan Family, Claudine Barretto is photographed with Rico Yan’s sister Geraldine Yan-Tueres and Rico Yan’s another ex-girlfriend Patricia Sandejas. Rico Yan and Tricia Sandejas were together before Claudine Barretto. Tricia Sandejas was rumored to be dating Mayor Junjun Binay two years ago. Photo credits: FB.
Claudine visit Rico Yan

Claudine Barretto visit Rico Yan

Time heals all wounds indeed. This is what Geraldine Yan-Tueres said in 2002, after Rico Yan’s death (courtesy of

“I received a call from Guido [Talk & Text]. It seemed like a long time. I didn’t know how to call my parents so I called Bob. And I broke the news to him. And it was just so hard to say. I told my dad to be the one to tell my mom because I didn’t know if I should tell her because she was on the road. So he said okay. So what I did I called my sister in the States. I was really crying and shaking especially when they brought out the body and I saw my dad. Rico is very mabait. Maloko. He told me about his problem. I read about it too. Definitely, He was very hurt. He didn’t tell me the details, and I didn’t have to ask him. But deep inside me I know that my brother is mabait. I guess he was on the recovery. He even called my mom the night before and he was so happy. He made kwento and he even said that she should bring our dad there. He was so happy that day. Lahat nasabi ko. We’re close kasi na that we tell everything.”