Claudine Barretto to do a Video Message for Julia Barretto Debut

February 26, 2015

Claudine Barretto for Julia Barretto debut

Claudine Barretto for Just Julia

Claudine Barretto is to do a video message (VTR) for Julia Barretto‘s debut party, “Just Julia.” Claudine Barretto is mum about it, while doing the shoot she posted: “A special for someone VERY SPECIAL.U know who u r.i luv u so much.”
Claudine Barretto with G3 San Diego

Claudine Barretto with scriptwriter G3 San Diego

Earlier, Julia Barretto commented on a photo of Claudine Barretto with scriptwriter G3 San Diego (who ironically is the head writer of Gretchen Barretto’s Magkaribal) posted on Instagram. Julia Barretto said referring to her aunt Claudine Barretto: “She looks so beautiful!!!”

Julia Barretto is on a reconciliation roll, she also made peace with her father Dennis Padilla after a long-standing feud. She made the first move and visited her dad while he is in a television taping.