Claudine Barretto Medical City Incident

December 17, 2012

Claudine Barretto in a Medical City altercation incident? Claudine is reportedly involved in another altercation incident, this time with a doctor of The Medical City. Claudine allegedly talked down a medical doctor of the said prestigious medical center. Several out-patients were able to witness the alleged altercation. Her husband Raymart Santiago reportedly arrived later to pacify Claudine to no avail. The source failed to figure out why Claudine was fuming mad at the doctor. Such is not a new incident with Claudine, the same source said she also witnessed Claudine in an altercation inside a Savory Restaurant back in 2007. Coincidence or a force of habit? Back in the day, she was caught in the news, Claudine making a scene at a bank and of course, the most famous brawl involved Claudine with broadcaster Mon Tulfo in NAIA 3 earlier this year.