Claudine Barretto denies Mental illness

May 11, 2014

Claudine Goyard bag

Claudine Barretto Goyard bag

Claudine Barretto clarified the speculations that she has a mental illness. Speaking on Buzz Ng Bayan and in Startalk, she said it pains her to be rumored to have such. “I am going through difficult times…there are a lot of lies and a lot of deceits,” Claudine Barretto said. Claudine Barretto claimed it is not mental illness but mental torture. She also claimed that she has been diagnosed with “battered wife syndrome” which could have brought about the mental torture.

“According to my psychiatrist, it’s mental torture. Mental illness is different from mental torture.”

Claudine Barretto also claimed that her marriage with Raymart Santiago is fake. “I regret na pinakasalan ko si Raymart. It was fake. I should have backed out, we were living in sin pala.”

Battered woman syndrome is “the highly variable symptom complex of physical and psychological injuries exhibited by a woman repeatedly abused especially physically by her mate,” according to Merriam Webster. She claimed in her Startalk interview that she heard gunshots fired outside her house and it happened thrice already, the reason maybe why she posted that alarming post on Twitter which got the public abuzz weeks ago.

Claudine Barretto also denied having a new boyfriend. She said: “I’m still married and hindi ko ginagawa ang mga ginagawa ng iba.”

Claudine Barretto also did not mince words on her older sisters Gretchen Barretto and Marjorie Barretto. She denied ever been admitted to rehab. To Gretchen, she said she is a liar and is heartless. To Marjorie she said she is most angry at her for denying her access to her nieces and nephew and for igniting the feud with Gretchen. Claudine considers Marjorie good as dead to her. Watch that part of the interview below courtesy of Buzz Ng Bayan. Despite all that, she has only high praises for her niece, ABS-CBN’s rising star, Julia Barretto.