Claudine Barretto Controversial Porsche Car

April 22, 2013
Claudine Barretto Porsche

Claudine Barretto and Sabina

Raymart Santiago's Porsche

Raymart Santiago’s Porsche car

Claudine Barretto posted the controversial Porsche car owned by her husband Raymart Santiago on her IG account @claubarretto and captioned one of the photo, “The Controversial Porshe”. Claudine Barretto is obviously answering the IG post of her sister Gretchen Barretto who said that Claudine had done something bad to Raymart’s Porsche car. Gretchen posted this: “Yuck. You know what yuck is? Your husband walked out coz you violent ways. What exactly did you do to his Porsche? His laptop? Etc. oh pls reflect and go to your happy place..Medical City.”

Claudine thanked her fans who commented positively with what she posted: “Thank u so much.hope this answers some of your questions.thank u all for ur luv & support sa mga panahon na sobra sobra na po ang pinagdadaanan ko.May God bless u all for not judging based on hearsay.maraming salamat po”

Claudine Barretto posted only the back of the Porsche sports car and the side of it while she pretends to be cleaning it with her daughter Sabina. Some quarters say that the front of the Porsche is where the damage is though. Photo credits: @claubarretto IG.