Chuvaness to Sue Paula Peralejo for Libel?

March 18, 2014

Chuvaness lawyer

Chuvaness lawyers

Is Chuvaness suing Paula Peralejo for Libel? Cecile van Straten of and the Philippine Star posted in her IG account a photo of the sign of Fortun, Narvasa, Salazar law office with a caption: “And we’re back to make things right.” She was asked what she is doing in the law office, if it is an adoption case, and she replied Libel. She was then asked who she is suing for libel, but no categorical reply. She was then asked if she is the accuser or the one being sued: “I hope you are the accuser not the other way around” and Chuvaness said: “yes of course. I have never been sued. Have been writing since 1990. I know the rules.”
Rica Peralejo and sister Paula Peralejo

Rica Peralejo and Paula Peralejo

Paula Peralejo, sister of Rica Peralejo, comes to mind though since her post in her blog, Paula The Explorer, An Open Letter to Chuvaness, called out Chuvaness for her “Jollibee” tweet during the Florida bus crash in Mountain Province which claimed the life of Paula’s friend David Sicam and many others including comedian Tado.

The comments that ensued on that blog post could also be the possible subject of future litigation as Chuvaness’ husband and kids have been unfavorably dragged in the post’s comments. For her part, Paula Peralejo clarified that the comment settings of her blog works in that that the first comment needs to be approved, then, after that, the succeeding comments are automatically uploaded. No need for her to approve them anymore.

Aside from her blog, Paula Peralejo, who is best known for her role in the youth-oriented series “Tabing Ilog,” is now busy running a travel agency with her husband, Charlie Fernandez. She graduated magna cum laude in 2008 from University of the Philippines in Diliman with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a minor in Tourism. Photo credits: Chuvaness IG and Paula IG.