Chris Tiu Happy Lemon rocked by Cockroach Controversy

September 26, 2011

Chris Tiu

Chris Tiu

Chris Tiu business venture Happy Lemon, the Starbucks of Bubble Tea, and a franchise from Hong Kong, has been rocked by a controversy over someone tweeting it all over the place about her Happy Lemon bubble tea that has a small floating cockroach (ipis) in it. A certain Bea Regala (@beauhhbelieber) posted on her Twitter/Twitpic the following: “My friends happy lemon drink that got ipis in it :/ Oh happy lemon, why? :(” and a picture of an almost empty Happy Lemon bubble tea cup with a small cockroach swimming in it! On the other hand, I heard that Chris Tiu and his business associates, his schoolmates from Xavier School, are investigating the matter. Could this girl, just wants some attention from the cute basketball player? In other news, Chris Tiu and the Smart Gilas Pilipinas basketball team lost a slot to the 2012 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament, when South Korea beat them for the battle for 3rd place at the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship yesterday. Final Results of the 2011 FIBA Asia Championships are: China – Gold, Jordan – Silver, and South Korea – 3rd. Regarding the alleged Happy Lemon bubble tea ipis incident, Happy Lemon Philippines has issued the following statement:

To our valued customers:

Our stores have always followed the safety, cleanliness and quality standards set by the brand’s international operator, and our ingredients are sourced from approved suppliers that adhere to the same strict standards.

In response to the recent claim that questions these procedures, we strongly caution anyone from jumping to conclusions without knowing the condition in which the said drink was kept. As the drink had already been out of the store for several hours, the connection between the incident and the branch where the drink originated cannot be thoroughly substantiated.

Happy Lemon works hard to ensure the well-being of our customers, and we give you our utmost assurance that we have and will continue to consistently strive to exceed the brand’s global standards. We happily remain at your service.

Charles Chua
Vice President
Happy Lemon Philippines