Charice Sings Perfect National Anthem, Failed in Gown

July 1, 2010

Charice had a perfect rendition of the Philippine National Anthem but failed in her outfit, that was the general consensus yesterday. Presidential Sister Kris Aquino gave the gown that Charice wore to the Inauguration. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) gave Charice Pempengco a perfect score for her rendition of “Lupang Hinirang”, the National Anthem of the Philippines, at the inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino at the Quirino Grandstand.

“The NHI (former name of the NHCP) called to say they were happy about my rendition of Lupang Hinirang. Perfect po daw. I am happy and proud that I was part of history. I am also happy and proud that I sang the National Anthem correctly,” Charice said. Charice only arrived a day before the inauguration from stints in the US and Europe to promote her first international album entitled “Charice”.

The crowd who witnessed the Presidential Inauguration also approved of Charice’s rendition and broke into applause after Charice sang it without histrionics, and without changing any of the original notes of the National Anthem. The Philippine National Anthem as mandated by law, should be sung as it was composed by Julian Felipe, as a march that should be finished in less than two minutes.