Charice and Courtney Blooding

August 10, 2012

Charice and Courtney Blooding

Charice and Courtney Blooding

Charice announced on Twitter Tuesday that her new “point of contact” is her personal assistant and road manager, Courtney Blooding. Charice dumps her long-time manager Grace Mendoza. Charice said:

“A bit of news, Grace Mendoza is no longer my manager. I thank her for the work and time she has spent with me. Courtney Blooding is the new point of contact for me. You can reach her at”

Courtney Blooding meanwhile is furious that she was tagged as Canadian in a major network’s online website news report. Courtney said that she is not Canadian but is an American. Courtney Blooding is almost always photographed with Charice wherever she goes. After all, she’s her road manager, moreso now that Ms. Blooding is her new “manager.” Courtney Blooding actually is the subject of so many innuendoes involving Charice’s real sexuality. Rumors abound that Charice and her are lovers. To which neither confirms nor denies. Tongues started wagging when Charice sported a new boyish look.

Charice is one of the mentor-judges of ABS-CBN’s “The X Factor Philippines”. Charice vented her anger particularly to Filipino fans who she said hates her so much:

“I do not like people talking sh** about me, my friends or my family. Specially when you know that they’re lying. I try to respect these people, but sometimes, I just want to talk to each one of them and say, ‘leave us alone, bitches.

At sa mga ayaw pang tigilan ang hate, thank you na rin. Let it go and maybe some of you, please get a nice job. Most of you, Filipinos pa naman. If you can’t respect me, kung ayaw talaga, that’s fine. Just support the girls. Not even me. Just the girls. Now, stop hating… and go to bed. Pahinga ka na.. Seryoso.. Walang mangyayari kung puro hate lang… Tulog na. Madaling araw na.”