Charice Admits Being a Lesbian?

April 17, 2012

Update: Charice admits she is a tomboy. See video and transcript of interview here.

Charice instagram

Charice instagram

Charice status in her instagram account says: “I am weird. I love everybody. Again, I am….Gwapito :D”

Is this an official revelation that she is a lesbian or at the least a bisexual female. Any Filipina girl would not just say she is “gwapito”. I guess even any female of the specie would not say she is “handsome.” There are talk that Charice has really come out starting from when she had that new look. There are also talk that she is rebelling against her mother and an even more wild rumor that she has a secret relationship with her P.A. who is another female. Oh well, she is in this stage I guess where she is still finding her true self.