Cedric Lee and Roxanne Cabanero Know Each Other

February 24, 2014

Roxanne and Cedric connection

Roxanne and Cedric connection?

Does Cedric Lee and Roxanne Cabanero really know each other? In her official Facebook account, Emi Yuzuki, one of the Facebook followers of Mr. Tony Calvento, aired her sentiments about Cedric Lee and Roxanne Cabanero, and based on her post, she thinks Cedric Lee and Roxanne Cabanero know each other and are friends contrary to their claim that they don’t know each other. Emi Yuzuki posted.

“Both Roxanne and Cedric have already denied their friendship, but Roxanne’s Google Plus page has only one person in her circles and that is Cedric Lee. To b ein her circles, means she was the one who added Cedric to her circles. Although anybody can create a Google Plus account, this does not look like a fake account of Roxanne because it is linked from a blog post that was created on May 6, 2013, long before the Vhong Navarro incident happened.”

Sketchy reports from Cebu City also says that Cedric Lee and Roxanne Acosta Cabanero have been seen together before in Cebu Yacht Club. Photo credits: Emi Yuzuki.