Bruce Quebral Girlfriend Reacts

May 11, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate Bruce Quebral girlfriend, France, reacts to the Wendy Valdez issue with a statement/letter to Bruce posted in her friendster blog.

Here is it:
Hey Lovey! I misssssssssss you soooooo much. Mwah mwah mwah! Tsup tsup! How’s it going? I’ve heard about all your achievements there and I’m oh so proud of you! I am so happy you’re doing so great! I can’t wait for all your kwentos. I’m doing fine in my sweet escape. Your prinsesa is an islander na! Haha! Hon they call me Prinses here, cuz it’s difficult for them to pronounce

Anyway, Tita, Bunso and Abby are all doing good also. Everyday I pray for you and your family. Oh how I wish that you’re here with me in our paradise. It’s your hand I long to hold whenever I saunter in the glimmering white sand. I totally enjoy receiving messages from you! The familiar words that get me so kilig everyday. They plaster a smile in my face. Every night I wish I get to dream of you so that even for a brief moment I get to feel you in my senses again. Well your recorded voice helps a lot especially Prinsesa! (Dreamy dreamy eyes) Dreams are better than reality for the mean time hon.

Are you surprised they let me write you a letter? I guess not. You confessed to them about me daw. The world is so small hon they found me. I am not mad ok, so no worries but I am the one frantic here. Hon, I would like to say I am sorry. I feel like I tortured you for keeping our relationship a secret. We have similar situation hon. I am in this small island with a big secret I have to keep to myself. It is just so hard not to unload my feelings and talk about someone I miss so much. That is why I totally feel guilty for making you shut your mouth. At least me, I have friends I can text and talk over the phone, I can write down my feelings, I can reminisce while reading your cards and staring at our pics. But if I were in your situation I could have lost my sanity long ago. I am proud of you for keeping our secret at least half way the duration of the show and I am thankful for that. Thanks Lovey. Like what they say the truth shall prevail and it always does. Lesson learned hon, both on our part. So from now on, No Secrets! For now, we just have to deal with the consequences. But no sweat, let’s deal with them one at a time. Kaya natin to! I am so sorry also if all these would cause pain to your family, but we don’t know that yet. They don’t know anything pa. I hope they would forgive me. My family honestly is affected also. Hon, I already told my Mom immediately about our relationship when I got the news that you confessed. Her reaction was I’m not surprised. Mother instinct never fails. We are all worried about my dad. My mum never talked to him about her instinct because she knows it is not healthy. This confession of yours might not be good for his health. But don’t worry abscbn promised not to give specific details that would point to me. Thank God! Another thing to be grateful for.

About our relationship. Hon, I’ll hang on to our promises. I’ll wait for your explanations. It would be unfair for me to judge without hearing your side. I closed my world from PBB long ago when issues started to surface. Honestly, I got affected. But as time went by I just got immuned. I do understand your situation hon. Purely understanding, that is why despite all facts and issues, I still believe in True Love that we have and that You’ll still come home to me in the end. This is fighting hon! If you think my way of fighting is not enough, BRUZUMS show me a sign that you’re giving up our FIGHT!. I hope you don’T forget how much we value each other and how we goal to live a meaningful life. I am thankful to have experienced all these hon, and you should also. After all these, we will both be stronger and wiser. It will prove to ourselves if what we have is really TRUE LOVE.

I know you are in a sticky situation now. It is up to you, how you would resolve it. I believe that you can fix it like you always do. Idol kita jan! You are capable of finding your own way on patching things up. In making your decisions, I want you to focus on your family. Think what’s good for them. Their what I am thinking of right now. Our relationship should be the last thing on your mind because we have like till June to fix that when we finally get to talk. Whatever you’ll do, I WILL UNDERSTAND! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I will FORGIVE you. Think of everything CAREFULLY. Think BOTH SIDES, the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE of PBB HOUSE. If you’re losing hope don’t forget to pray for guidance. We will help you. We will pray for you each day Lovey. You are a GOOD PERSON with a BIG HEART, I know everyone knows that by now. Just do your BEST, and after this glitch continue ENJOYING! K? I will always love you! My memories of you are more than enough I should be thankful for. And if God wants us to give us more great memories, I would be the happiest person in the whole world! The greatest gift you have taught me and given me is TRUE LOVE. My utmost Thanks hon. Keep on giving your heartfelt laugh, people love it! Promise me to cry less. I am ending this letter with a smile in my face because I have your optimism in my heart! I have faith and I strongly believe in you!

Princess Frannie

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