Real Bro Photo in May Bukas Pa Leaked

December 28, 2009
Love Thadani and Zaijan Jaranilla

"Bro" and Santino

The actor playing as “Bro” in Santino May Bukas Pa, has been revealed in the person of Love Thadani, former boyfriend of ex-PBB housemate (1st Season) Chx Alcala. Love Thadani, Fil-Indian, figured in the so-called Chx Alcala Scandal years ago, when it was him allegedly who took the racy pictures. How ironic, he is now playing Jesus. In May Bukas Pa, the actor playing “Bro” naturally has to take a backseat, his face is always hidden, but this photo of ‘Bro’ with Santino, played by Zaijan Jaranilla is unmistakably him. This is now circulating like crazy on the net, first leaked on Facebook and Tumblr. I wonder if this will have an effect on the popularity of May Bukas Pa, which due to insistent public demand, has been extended until March 2010.