Blind Item: Cedric Lee’s Friends in High Places

February 2, 2014

Speaking of Mr. Tony Calvento, he has a very intriguing blind item about Cedric Lee‘s friends in high places. The piece he entitled, “CEDRIC LEE tidbits.” Mr. Calvento is insinuating that Cedric Lee has a stable of girls that they gift to a cabinet member and the clue is Bayani Agbayani’s popular song, Ocho ocho (watch above). Alam na! LOL. Here is the explosive expose’:

Who’s the real protector and backer of Cedric Lee, Tyrone Ong and Company?

How true is it that since these two are fond of ‘taking care’ of a stable of girls. They gift them to a cabinet member who is fond of women and wine. He is very close to P’noy and this the reason why they are able to get contracts from the police, the gov’t and even the private sector.

This cabinet secretary should start distancing himself from these people if he does not want to be exposed. Who is he? He is often seen in the company of women dead drunk in hotels and asleep in the sofa of lounges. Need I expose his real identity?

The last time I heard was that he was so mad at Cedric that he is not even answering his phone calls. Mabuti naman, Mr. Secretary.

Some people are clamoring for clues and initials… He dances to the music that Bayani Agbayani popularized. Tama na yan. Kilala na ninyo na siya.

Speaking of novelty songs, Vhong Navarro had a string of hits too in Mr. Suave, Pamela One, Chickboy, Supahpalicious, Totoy Bibo, Cha cha cha and Don Romantiko. Watch below with Vhong Navarro in the good of times.