Billy Crawford to Nikki Gil: “It’s Over, never will I be with you ever in my life! MOVE On!”

September 14, 2014

Billy Crawford Coleen Garcia

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

Billy Crawford posted in his Instagram account a very strongly-worded message to his and girlfriend Coleen Garcia‘s bashers, which he later deleted. The posted message also ‘seems’ to be directed towards his ex-girlfriend Nikki Gil. To paraphrase: “It’s Over, never will I be with you ever in my life! MOVE On! Tama na.” It seemed like that because even if directed to ‘third persons,’ if you read much into it, it meant something given the fact that days ago, Nikki Gil when asked what is her reaction to Billy Crawford’s arrest and detention, Nikki Gil said: “I was asked about it, which I don’t understand because I’m not involved in anyway. I wasn’t raised to celebrate the misfortune of others. I guess that’s all I have to say about the issue.”
Nikki Gil Billy Crawford

Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford

Here is what Billy Crawford has posted but later deleted:
Billy Crawford Nikki Gil

Billy Crawford to Nikki Gil