Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Leaked Photo

January 3, 2014
Coleen Garcia Billy Crawford

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia allegedly went on a vacation in the United States together. A photo of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia sitting beside each other leaked online last Thursday, January 2. Billy and Coleen were spotted watching a basketball game at the Barclays Arena in New York. The game was between the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks. The recent match between the two teams happened last December 27. Billy Crawford, 31, and Coleen Garcia, 21, have denied that they are dating and that Coleen Garcia is the third party involved in Billy’s break-up with five-year girlfriend Nikki Gil, last year.

Last year, photos showing their intimate closeness while they were in Bacolod became viral.

Coleen Cleavage

Coleen Garcia Cleavage

Nikki Gil for her part, spent the Holidays in Singapore with her family. In Cosmopolitan magazine’s December 2013 issue, wherein she was sexy in the cover, Nikki Gil revealed that Billy had a long history of unfaithfulness. Photo credits: Fashion Pulis, Cosmo and Coleen Garcia.

Nikki Gil

Nikki Gil sexy