Beyonce Dead

August 25, 2009

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Rumor is Beyonce died today. Is Beyonce DEAD?? I received lots of text messages and email that she died from a plane crash. Of course I do not believe these things unless it is on a legit broadcast or news organization. They have the resources and manpower to verify and confirm if a news story is true or false. In this case, there is no news of it, so consider this as so not true. BTW, Lil’ Wayne and Miley Cyrus became a victim of this type of hoax with some kind of legitimacy when news of her supposed dying was coupled with a Yahoo News reportage, only to be discovered later that the Yahoo News item was faked. In the local showbiz scene, Willie Revillame and Sarah Geronimo were the latest victim of such dead hoax news.