Benjie Paras Reacts when told off about Sons Andre and Kobe

May 14, 2015

Benjie Paras reacted to a Facebook user with a handle “pambii” by posting on his official Facebook account, the apparent pictures of the said non-showbiz woman, and her posts, which caused him to react rather forcefully. Pambii in Facebook posts posted on May 1, was up in arms against Benjie Paras and why he was cast as a father of an angel in the ABS-CBN primetime soap, Nathaniel. Pambii wrote that Benjie Paras deserves to be cast as a demon instead for not teaching in real-life his sons Andre Paras and Kobe Paras, to respect their mother Jackie Forster.

Pambii Benjie Paras

Pambii to Benjie Paras

Benjie Paras (Mang Abner is his character in Nathaniel) said:

First of all, you accuse me of things you don’t know the full details of and, based on your language, it shows that you are the one who has an evil attitude. As they say, if you have an ugly attitude, then you sure have an ugly face. Thank you for patronizing Nathaniel and please continue to watch our show and making our ratings truly outstanding. I assure you, you will learn a lot of valuable lessons from us that your ugly face, i mean your ugly soul, needs right now 😅 Tell your parents to watch with you so they can provide you with correct values because you obviously lack the proper guidance.

Yours truly,
Mang Abner

Benjie Paras and son Andre

Benjie Paras and son Andre Paras