Barbie Xu also known as San Chai Pregnancy Photos

January 6, 2014

Barbie Hsu belly

Barbie Hsu pregnant

Barbie Hsu popularly known as San Chai in Meteor Garden posted her pregnancy photos online. The Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu posted up photos of herself with her swelling tummy lifting up her shirt and caressing her tummy, and even commented: “Two souls in one body – it’s amazing!” and at one time she posted that her baby was kicking her.
Barbie Xu pregnant

Barbie Xu

Barbie Hsu who is 37 years old is a first-time mom which explains her fascination to the changes in her body. The father of the child is her husband Wang Xiaofeng. Last August 2013, Barbie Hsu had a short vacation in the Philippines. Barbie became popular as San Chai in Meteor Garden with boy band F4, all throughout Asia and particularly in the Philippines. Meteor Garden was shown in ABS-CBN in the Philippines. Photo credits: FB
Barbie Xu in Manila

Barbie Xu in Manila 2013