Anthony Semerad calls Gwen Ruais a Horse?

June 4, 2013
Is this for Gwen Ruais?

Is this for Gwen Ruais?

Did Anthony Semerad just called Miss World 2011 1st Princess Gwen Ruais a Horse?! And not only that, is he saying she is living with them? In another earlier tweet before that explosive tweet, he said he needs to move out from evil people.

Anthony Semerad tweet Gwen

Anthony Semerad tweet

Anthony and twin brother David Semerad lives together, and they just recently strutted their stuff on the Bench Body Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 fashion show. They also both play for San Beda College Men’s basketball varsity team.

Gwen Ruais and David Semerad for Fabe Magazine

Gwen Ruais and David Semerad covers Fabe Magazine